Confessions of a Stylist

Beauty: Vampy Fall Look

In Today’s Beauty World Beauty lovers everywhere are rocking the Infamous ‘VAMPY’ lip. Bold lipstick shades have been popular during the end of the Autumn and Winter seasons. Although this tone is not bounded to any particular season, the VAMPY look is one to try NOW! Colors ranging from variations of dark plum, black berry, and deep cherry,…

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Blouses for Everybody Type

    Blouses for Everybody Type by nisha-mcgee                                           How to Style Your Blouse I hope you found this style guide helpful. Are we friends on social media? Please follow @coastylist via Instagram and Twitter for more…

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VLOG: Photos, Poetry & Good Eat’N

VLOG: Photos, Poetry & Good Eat’N WATCH in 720 or 1080 HD for BEST Picture Quality!! Watch Here   **Some Events are Previously Recorded. In this Vlog, take a journey with me! Me and my friends are being ourselves and living carefree! Disclaimer** Some of the language and content may not be suitable for some…

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What excites you about your industry?

I possess the ability to create a desired look, from make believe, into a complex vision. It intrigues me to organize individual looks to manifest an era in time or fantasy. I am a lover of most things, but what interests me the most are ensembles! I’m talking about anything from beauty, hair, clothes, food,…

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