Valentine’s Day Outfits

In today’s post, I rounded up 3 Valentine’s Day outfits for your pleasure. Many of us know Valentine’s Day is a traditional holiday that is celebrated by lovers on February 14th. Usually partners exchange flowers, cards and candy to show appreciation for the one they love. In this case, I put together stylish outfits for the romantics and singles.



I combined this lovely black satin playsuit to coincide with the softer blush elements associated by the accessories. This romper is one to get excited about. I find that this look is captivating enough to showoff some leg. The combos are endless when you pair black and blush pieces.  If I were asked out, I’d wear this to go get ice cream.



For the hottie with body, this fit is for you. Who said you can’t be flirty yet preppy at the same damn time?? This combination is different than the rest but can be played up with feminine features.  I factored in some sporty elements to compliment the look by adding a studded bow at the collar and platform sneakers. If I were lucky, I’d wear this outfit to a live poetry event.



I saved this outfit for last because not everyone has a Valentine or one to call their own, SO… this outfit is for the single, the lonely, the reserved, or just plain loner by choice. Its okay, no shade. Babygirl can still dress fabulous on this day for lovers, but cute enough to bag-a-boo. I mixed comfy and glam in this set. Sometimes I just wanna throw on a tshirt dress and call it a day. Anyways, I attempted to spunk up this look by adding flirty pieces into this mix. Because I’m single by choice, I’d wear this to a dinner date with my sister.

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