Austin Trail of Lights

Austin Trail of Lights

Looking for something fun to do with the family?

I visited Austin Trail of Lights located at Zilker Park in Barton Springs.

My experience : 1st timer experiencing the Trail of Lights because :


A.) The Christmas light displays
B.) Cheap food
C.) Capture amazing footage
4.) Cost ($3 – $20)

Now, with that being said, there were parts of this experience that made me irritable, reasons :


A.) Parking is $15 yet alternative parking is optional
B.) Extremely cold outside
C.) Very long walk around the trail

With parking being a pain and the weather being 28 degrees outside, I put emphasis on what I’m about to say next, if you plan to visit Austin Trail of lights, make sure to wear thick layers and pack gloves. This time of year was the coldest for me, I’m not use to extremely cold climates, so for these reasons, my experience was somewhat uncomfortable.

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